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Pdm11 (2 to 16 Players)
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Those of you who remember <a href="q-09-01-99.htm#map3">pdm1 and nih</a> will know the type of map we have here. There is a slight change though, the main texture here is not usual Dapak blue but that well used one the red brick. With every map, Peter seems to improve. This piece is no exception, this is by far my favourite of all his maps. The architecture is better and more detailed.

This map is also more spacious than any of his previous maps and its all the better for it. Strafing and circling around the lavapit shown in the first screenshot was a blast. With 3 or 4 people circling it was choatic and you need to be quick to stay alive for long. Ramping the load up to the 12+ mark is absolutely mad. The map can handle it comfortably but its question of whether or not you can! I'd recommend 8 max.

Getting the Quad is interesting. It involves running up a curved ramp and hopefully you can go fast enough to jump over a pool of lava and then slide down the curved ramp at the other end. Unfortunately when you exit through the teleporter you get dropped right in the thick of it and don't get chance to use it =).


Download Here (272Kb)
Peter Bisseker
Reviewed : 03/05/1999

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