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Kill! maim! burn! (2 to 4 Players)
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This is an extremely intense map to play. A bit on small side, but this adds to the effect. 1-on-1 is simply the only way to play this map, any more and its too much. Effective use of the teleporters can mean the difference between winning and losing. You can easily trap a player in the lower section of the map and by jumping in and out of the teleporters you can stop them from getting away. I found there was plenty of ammo and health and that combined with using the teleporters properly you could easily dominate.

Stylewise its the old head_mt textures mixed in with brown metal. Its actually very similar to Hammer Down - Gomdm2. A couple of things annoyed me though. On lifts I'd hit the edging above. Not a problem normally, but in the middle of it, it can mean you get killed. Lighting was a little dark in a couple spots. Looked wierd considering the majority of the map is well lit.


Download Here (139Kb)
Wrath aka Magnus Andersson
Author Site
Reviewed : 03/05/1999

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