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Revelation 6:8 (2 to 6 Peeps)
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Now this is one fun map to play. 1-on-1 gives a slow type of game, but once you find your opponent it usually results in quick rocket shoot outs. 4 peeps on the other hand provided a much more rapid game. The favoured weapons here are the RL and LG. Ammo seems balanced enough for that player load since I never ran out of ammo whilst playing.

Its decorated in a similar fashion to Dissonance by Retinal with some custom and metal grill textures mixed in as well. What is a little odd is the architechture, for the most part its all very angular and castle like. Where as there are a couple of curved pieces of architecture. It does looks good through out map though. r_speeds are tad on the high side, 550+, but it really shoudn't be a problem unless you have a low spec machine.


Download Here (236Kb)
Wrath aka Magnus Andersson
Author Site
Reviewed : 03/05/1999

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