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The Dying Ruins (2 to 8 Players)
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The Dying Ruins... I don't see any ruins in this map. Everything seems to be in good working order. The map doesn't really show any signs of being a ruin. Theres a couple of spots where theres broken walls, but nothing really interesting. Theres some nice architecture in the map, the most impressive of which has a couple of curved staircases going up the walls to platform containing an RA, which for some reason I didn't take a screen shot of... Oh well.

Unfortunately though, theres not really enough of this type of architecture, in the most part its uninspiring corridors. Of which some are very cramped.

Its a pretty big map and you're going to need a few people in there to get things going. I tried 8 and it was so so, 10 was more interesting. It could be that in parts the map is hard for the bots to navigate. Theres not much ammo, which when playing with big player loads can cause a problem, ie. axes at the ready!


Download Here (826Kb)
Mark Smith
Reviewed : 19/04/1999

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