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Steel's Secret (2 to 4 Players)
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Now I'm all for consistence in texturing but this goes a little too far. You have two shades of blue, light and dark. Its just too much. Just look at the screen shots to see exactly what I mean! The map is apparently vised for transparent water, well I can tell you it isn't. I tried r_wateralpha 0.4 and nothing happened. The water was not transparent.

The architecture is very detailed. The r_speeds go up to 600+ in some spots but its nothing major. All this funkiness comes at a price though. There are some areas were you can stuck, I fell down into a gap where a MH and RA were and that was it, I was stuck! I had a RL and tried to rocket jump out, but I couldn't. The wall was too high to get over.

It plays well enough though. 6 peeps is about right. I did find the bots had problems navigating round this map.

Additional : 6th September 1999 I mentioned in the review a problem with getting the RA and MH. the map author has informed me that is possible to get out. If you shoot directly upwards into the corner and secret door will open and reveal a teleporter out.


Download Here (305Kb)
Luke Scammell a.k.a Stash
Reviewed : 19/04/1999

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