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The Keep (2 to 8 Players)
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With each Quake map, Renegade improves. This is his latest map and its following on from his previous map in terms of style. This time though its more varied and detailed. It takes the curved style corridors from Curved Stone and adds more varied, interesting architecture. I particularly like the outside section shown in the first screen shot. Its a much nicer map to look at.

Its a middle size map so to get the best out if you'll have to up the numbers of bots to 6+. I do have a niggle though, ammo is a bit on the low side. So is health though, so it makes frags a pretty regular occurance.

I also feel that some of lower ranking weapons could be replaced with GL's and RL's. The outside area has 4 weapons in. A RL (on the curved walkway), a GL (upper platform), a NG and a SSG (both in the lower section). Most of the fighting in this area took place in lower area of the map and as such you could only really pick on ammo for the lower ranked weapons. You could easily be overclassed and then blown away by someone with an RL. Maybe more rockets would help. Anyway, its still an excellent map.


Download Here (485Kb)
Reviewed : 18/04/1999

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