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Extreme Measures - 97 (2-6 Players)
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I'm going to review this map using Monsto's method, so I'll start with the layout. It feels as though no thought has gone into this. Platforms are extremely steep and cause no end of problems with you running of the top and into the air. Theres not really enough room for movement, the whole thing seems cramped. Theres some nice features such as the cone shaped teleporters with rings of lava around, but these are just for novelty value. As far as items go theres not enough of anything to keep a sustained fight going. Ammo, health packs and weapons are lacking.

On to texturing now, the base set of textures needs to aligned properly to make good use of them. Off course you can argue that none of id's levels did this but that was 2 years ago. The majority of the level is fitted in this style with the occassional funky texture such as the pink sky and green face picture which can be seen in the two screenshots below.

Technically speaking theres nothing particularly wrong. Theres gaps in some floors and uneven surfaces but nothing major.

Finally on to play. As mentioned earlier its scrappy layout and lack of items makes for a rather bland playing experience. Theres nothing wrong here, its just an average map.


Download Here (394Kb)
Reviewed : 21/12/1998

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