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Exdm1 - Melanquolia (2 to 8 Players)
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Like Headshots map, Bless to Kill, this map is also Q3A inspired. Texturing is also similar to Bless. A mixture of green and blue metal textures. Theres plenty of curved architecture too. There is an extremely cool looking corridor which curves upwards and also bends to the right. You can just see the entrance to it in the second screenie. Thing is, it looks brilliant but the texture alignment is just messy. I really can't see how you can align them though on such architecture. To be honest whilst the use of textures is very good, the alignment through out the map is bad.

Adding 4 muppets (bots) provided a very enjoyable game! I was pleasantly surprised. From wandering around the map I didn't think the layout would work very well, but (as usual) I was proved wrong. There is the old bit of architecture which gets in the way but its nothing major.

Weapon placement is good. They are usually in the middle of corridors so you have no messing about when it comes to picking them up. Ammo placement is ok as well, if not a tad on the low side.

I'd like to see more this style of architecture, just with better texture alignment.


Download Here (322Kb)
Carlos "Excessus" Sisi
Reviewed : 19/04/1999

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