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DMFDM2: Orange Crush (2 to 6 Players)
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CLUNK! Sorry that was my jaw hitting the floor. Just take a while to examine the screen shots. Looks good doesn't it. Can you believe this is authors second map?

Danny mixes some Quake 2 textures in with this really cool looking Orange metal textures. These are used to create a high tech looking base map which I think looks brilliant. The map circulates around the central room shown in the first shot. There are three very well connect levels which then go around this main room.

One thing I noticed was how much space there is. Very spacious. Now the limit for players mentioned here is 6, well I don't think thats enough. You're looking at about 8 to 10-ish you get a fast game going. Which I think will cause a problem. The r_speeds arenít exactly low and as we all know beauty does come at price, this coupled with 8+ bots will cause slowdown. But we all have PII's so that shouldn't be a problem... erm... no.

Playing with a lower amount of peeps bought about the fact that theres very little ammo about. Its all tucked away against wall's and in corners. I could run out of ammo at times which is very frustrating! It would also have been nice to see some sky, all the roofs are covered with metal tiling, which looks a bit plain when tiled too much.


Download Here (575Kb)
Danny Flanagan
Reviewed : 19/04/1999

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