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Shim6 (Up to 20)
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This map is fairly simple to describe. What you have is a huge long corridor with a curved floor (see first screenie) with a room at either end. Underneath the corridor is an area full of lava which contains some power ups, which is shown in the second screenie. So if you manage to get down there you're laughing!

That said, there are more of these power ups. On the wooden bars at the top is another pentagram. Also there is another ring of shadows on one side of corridor area.

Now I thought about how this map should be played and basically you all pile into the huge corridor area and frag the crap out of each other. So I tried the map with 16 bots and its just mad! From this I spotted a big problem. Weapons! The only ones I found where in this rooms at the end of corridors. This is fairly useless given that most of the spawn spots are in the huge corridor.

Theres also alot of traps and tricks here. There is a switch at one end of corridor, which can only be accessed via walking on the wooden bars. This harmless looking switch opens up the floor in the corridor and lets the fragging masses fall into the lava below! Nice...

I think its a better map than the previous maps in the Shim series, in that play is a little more focused, but its not down to skill as to where the kills come from. Its the guy who grabs the power ups that will rule this map.


Download Here (197Kb)
Hor5e aka Tony Ginko
Reviewed : 19/04/1999

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