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Ded Central (2-16 Players)
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This is one big map. Its symmetrical. Very wierd. Its as if one half was built then copied and reversed. The screenshots don't show all the detail in this. Theres trains at either side of the map, which stop half way along the track so you can get out and grap the hidden quad. In the left hand shot you can see a pretty steep slope which goes into a room with crates in. If you run up and jump right at end of slope you'll fly up into the air and, hopefully, land on he highup crates which have either armour or GL's on.

Theres a few misalignments but with a map this size you can expect one or two.

You need alot of players to get things going here. 10+ is what should aim for here.


Download Here (611Kb)
Walking Dead
Reviewed : 12/12/1998

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