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Edm1 (2 to 4 Players)
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Its decorated in a similar fashion to that golden oldie DM1. Unlike that map though the layout isn't particularly brilliant. Some areas are big with plenty of room for movement where as other areas are small and cramped, and I get that feeling of my head just touching the ceiling.

One of the first things I noticed when playing was the item placement. Its not very good. DM starts don't seem to be near weapons or ammo. I'd happily wander some distance before I picked up any weapons. Ammo and health is put against walls and in other out of the way places.

There are some nice touches like the moving platforms which you have to cross to get the quad and pentagram. There all also some odd things. To get the RL you have to do something really daft. If you jump on the flame (the nearest one on the left of first screenie), this opens the red circular window which gives way to a room containing the RL and some other items. Now just imagine trying to get these items whilst in the middle of game, is anyone going to bother to pick them up? No is the answer, they'll leave them, well I know I did. Maybe if it was 1-on-1, but otherwises no.

Theres also the water section containing the LG. You drop down to pick this up and then realise, "Hey I'm stuck down here, how do I get out!" I couldn't find anyway out. Annoying...

Its these funny touches and the bad item placement that deters me from playing this.


Download Here (288Kb)
Ed Grundy
Reviewed : 19/04/1999

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