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Hall of the Mountain King (2 to 8 Players)
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A much more enjoyable map. Again the layout is simple but it provides much more space for you to play in. What you have is a big building with an outer walled area. The architecture is a little simple but its textured well. Lighting is so so. Inside the hall it looks all sourced but its a little too bright. I mean since when does a flame give off the light intensity of 60 watt bulb? Never is the answer.

Outside its the opposite, it seems a tad too dark. You could easily camp in the corners of the outer area. Theres also a couple of camper spots inside, you can't see them from my screen shots inside, but there are two ledges high up above the doorways either side of the hall.

It plays pretty well. The main weapon here is the RL and the majority of the fragging consisted of long range rocket fights. Theres maybe not quite enough items, as in rockets, but if you're playing with 8 then back packs make up for this.


Download Here (139Kb)
Reviewed : 19/04/1999

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