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Peace & Love Incorporated (2 to 8 Players)
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The first thing you'll noticed when you load this map is the unique set of textures used. Stecki's talent for graphics shows through here, since he has made the textures used here. The screenshots I've taken really don't do justice to them, or to the architecture.

The layout consists a huge circular atrium which is made up of 3 levels. These different floors are well connected via teleporters and stairways. Each floor is marked by level signs which are plastered on columns and walls. This helps add to atmosphere of the map. In a way its like Gray Liotta by Jvox. Its like a specially built deathmatch arena. Lighting is also suitably moody, although maybe a little too dark in some spots.

Item placement is good. The main items all seem to be on item pads. I also spotted a hidden pentagram of protection in there, and to completely spoil the surprise heres how you get it : In the area shown in the second screen shot, fall through one of gaps in the floor. In lava below you'll see the POP and its then just a matter of grabbing it and heading for the teleporter.

1-on-1 is where this map really excels. Its a strategic type of game, running around blasting anything that moves won't cut it here. More players and it becomes too much. The layout of floors is such that theres plenty of gaps down to lower floors. It is possible to jump from the top floor straight down to bottom floor and into the surrounding lava. I found with more people in there that I couldn't keep track was what happening and I'd occasionally get blasted from a few angles and end up falling into the lava areas.


Download Here (566Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 19/04/1999

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