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MunY 19 (2 to 8 Players)
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Original looking map. The texture set reminds me of Shadow Warrior. Also for some weird reason it reminded me of an Doom 2 map, in terms of layout that is. It has a very open layout and it gives no time to stop and enjoy the scenery. If you stop you'll get decked. At first I had a hard time getting to grips with it, after a bit of play though I got going. The map centres around the big atrium which is made up of four layers. Access between them is either by teleporters, ramps or air shoots.

I get the funny feeling that this map was made on a very big grid. Everything seems like big blocks. It sort of adds to that Shadow Warrior type feel.

1 on 1 doesn't seem to work very well. Too much chasing. A 4 player FFA was much better. Ramped upto 8 and it was just mad.


Download Here (177Kb)
Munyul Verminard
Reviewed : 25/03/1999

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