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The cLaW (3 to 7 Players)
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The title of this map comes from its large main room which has 4 rounded upwards pointing, err, things (yes, the claw), in the middle of which sits the RL surrounded by slime. Dive into the slime (yes, go on) and you'll find the Quad. The map is fairly large, and besides this main room there is pillar-infested room with a YA on one side, and a bunch of rooms to the other side, the biggest of which has several layers of walkways on top eachother and a RA at the bottom. between them there are tons of corridors and a fair few teleporters, atleast one of which gets you to the roof of the claw room.

Texturing is a wild mix of styles which makes it look very messy, from traditional quake textures and a wall texture which is way too bright, to some of the egyptian textures you'll recognize from other maps. Not all textures are aligned, but in general it's bearable. Architecture is undetailed and besides the claw room uninspriring, and suffers from scale problems. Corridors make it quite repetitive looking. Even so r_speeds are unacceptibly high in some places.

Connectivity is ok given that you don't mind long corridors (or teleports), but in quite a few places navigation suffers and makes it feel fiddly, e.g. in the YA room. Even with larger numbers of players this map is fairly dull to play, and I can't help but think that the author has put his architectural ideas before anything else.


Download Here (378Kb)
Reviewed : 25/03/1999

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