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Embrion (2 to 5 Players)
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This map consists of 2 large multilevel rooms connected by various corridors and smaller side rooms. Architecture seems random and not well thought out, and often very unoriginal as is the texturing (the same textures you see in 80% of custom quake maps, i.e. wizmet1_2 and friends). Worst is the lighting which is very bland, it seems the author has used way too much ambient lighting which makes some bits difficult to see, especially in software.

Connectivity is good (there's a fair few teleporters) and interesting, i.e. there's some interesting jumps and other play situations. One thing I disliked but DM4 fans may love is that access to both RLs is bottlenecked, i.e. for one you need to press a button to open a gate elsewhere, the other is a lava surrounded dead end. Personally I think this only promotes cheap frags on people who haven't got a weapon yet.

Playabilty is ok, it's quite vertical in places so with enough people it's action packed, but nothing to make you play it over other maps. It's almost entirely smooth to navigate. It's slightly dull in a duel, yet with a lot of players it gets irritating because of RL traps.


Download Here (311Kb)
Andrzej "Dupeq" Lach
Reviewed : 25/03/1999

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