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CDM2 (2 to 4 Players)
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On first impression this map looks very amateurish: it uses the same texture all over the place, and the rooms and corridors consist almost entirely of flat & completely undetailed walls and floors. Besides the stained-glass windows the author doesn't seem to care about making his maps look good.

Surprisingly then, we discovered the playability was excellent. The structure is simple: 1 big middle room with RA/GL/LG, and 2 smaller areas to either side with YA/RL each. The connectivity is good but still interesting enough for a duel, and it navigates smoothly (well, it would because there's no detail to get stuck on). The item balance made sure that it was always easy to get atleast a weapon and often also an armour after respawn, and also it encouraged "finishing off" the opponent as letting him escape would allow him to easily pick up a YA. A duel is intense enough but the map is big enough to hold more, 3 way ffa is a blast, and 2on2 is very fast paced.

A curious item is the Quad, which sits on the roof above RA. The only way up there we found was using a RJ, which isn't too difficult but surely not something you'd do regularly within a busy game.


Download Here (106Kb)
Reviewed : 25/03/1999

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