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Stranded (2 to 4 Players)
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An interesting map. Firstly, it looks unlike anything I've ever seen before, and it pulls it off nicely. It's the ever popular space station, decorated nicely in pale blue. The archways have indents on then, the staircases are walls of light and there's 2 and 3 tiered rooms all over. MCM has pulled off a unique look, and he's done it very well.

It's plays very nicely too. Despite a few sticking points play is smooth, jumps are made with confidence and ammo is in abundance. There's a certain amount of symmetry about the level, but not too much to make it repetitive. It is certainly an easy map to learn though, 5 minutes in and you feel like you've known it all your life. 1-1 play can lead to a bit too much following each other round, but you'll meet fairly often. Stepping the players up to 4 makes for a nice rounded game, fun and not too overcrowded.

However, there are a couple of niggles. The main one is the staircase's leading up to YA and the GL, they're just too damn tricky to navigate smoothly, and you'll be forever falling off. It's also a very tight map, so if you like your open spaces then stay well clear. I like a tight map though, and if you're like me then you should grab this map and have some fun...


Download Here (307Kb)
Reviewed : 13/09/1999

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