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The dark side (2 to 4 Players)
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I like this map. It looks similar to Mr Fribbles efdm6, Gunmetal.

Its a two layer map built around 3 main areas which are interconnected by corridors. Access from the lower level to the upper level is either via the one lift in the map, or via the two teleporters. This doesn't really cause to much of a problem but you can sometimes have some campers who wait for yah to pop out. The architecture isn't as detailed as efdm6 which has lots different angled surfaces but thats not really a proble,

Theres a room in this which is a dead-end. This room contains a GL and some rockets which only has one way in and out. The exit is very easy to block and you can rip in a shed load of grenades to quite easily kill your opponent.

One thing I noticed was the use of clip brushes around the metal framing on entrance ways. This is a good idea because without them I can imagine get stuck on these metal supports very easily in the thick of it since they do jutt out abit.

It plays rather well. 1-on-1 is ok, but 4 people was much more fun.

I spotted couple of misalignments in the map, which the author puts down to a bug in the qbsp process. To be honest I can't see why that would affect it. Its most likely to be related to the editor it was made in, which in this case is QuArK. QuArk uses floating point format for its map so the error probably lies there. It also looks like there maybe a leak somewhere in the map because I noclipped outside the map to find it encased in a rather large retangle. But what should be said here is that these two points do *NOT* effect how the map plays.


Download Here (294Kb)
Gibbie aka Hylke Beck
Reviewed : 06/03/1999

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