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Brown Stuff (2 to 6 Players)
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This map really needs no introduction since I've mentioned it just a bit in the recent news updates.

As I've mentioned many times before a base style map is my favourite type of map when done properly. Its a set of textures which have to aligned properly. Theres a couple of spots where the textures are stretched a little too much but nothing major. It follows in the footsteps of Preachers basewalk and aerowalk.

In 1-on-1 you can very easily dominate this map. A quick circle round the map and can have the Quad, a RL and the Megahealth. In this position you'd be a tough opponent to beat. Thing is I enjoy a challenge and its very satisfyng to beat someone who has these items.

Upping the amount of players provides a different type of game. Theres no strategy involved and its a very choatic game. I found the majority of the action took place in the area in shown in the left hand screenshot. The reason for this is simple because this is the main area of the map where everything connects to.


Download Here (217Kb)
Joćo Teixeira
Reviewed : 06/03/1999

#1 phirst post
by Drannerz 12/06/2001 - 13:25:07 (
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#2 brown
by Starbuck 15/07/2001 - 14:46:21 (
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0wn0rZ j00 4LL

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