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DM2-ish (2 to 8 Players)
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That old friend DM2 returns after going in for a make over. Kable was horrified when he saw this map because DM2 is one of his all time favourite maps and to see this, well, it made him faint. I, on the other hand, like it! Those of you who have played DM4-ish will have noticed it is decorated in similiar textures.

Lighting is suitably moody and dark, which captures some of the original maps atmosphere. One of the problems of the original map was that in spots it is extremely dark. No such problem here. Dark but not too dark.

Theres a whooping amount of items in this map. Theres a shed load of armour and rockets. The majority of the gunfire was made up of either rockets or grenades.

When I was walking around the map, before I starting play on it, I thought that the map was very small and cramped. I thought it would make for a pretty annoying type of game, as in not enough room to move. BUT, for the most part I was wrong. It kept the game close as far as frags go. No-one ran away with it.

I mentioned "for the most part I was wrong", well there is the odd occasion where the maps small areas get annoying. The upper level shown in the left hand screenshot is an example. The ledges just aren't really wide enough and I got knocked off several times from people firing up.

Now you can follow in DM2's foot steps and play 1-on-1 but I think the *REAL* fun is to be found in a 4 player FFA. I tried 8, but it was chaotic and a little too much.


Download Here (171Kb)
Reviewed : 27/02/1999

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