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Model 4 (2 to 4 Players)
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Ivan's second map up for review and definately the better map. It's a base setting, and looks very nice thank you sir. There's some nice architecture, well defined areas and good lighting.

1v1 is a nice tactical game, with good escape routes, a couple of risks (deadends rewarding the player with MegaHealth in one & an RL in the other) and distinguishable areas. There's a couple of bits of lava to take a hot bath in, but they too are easily escaped. Pumping the players up to 4 makes for a naturally faster game, and 2v2 creates a balanced game with no team managing to lock the map down.

Still a couple of flaws though. Due to his desire to create a believable base there's a couple of sticking points. One is a computer terminal (very nice looking) near one of the RL's and the other is just a small lip on a column that seems to be where I aim for when I jump around. Also for atmosphere Ivan's used quite a few dynamic lights which is fine if the map's just for LAN's, but over the net these can really slow maps down. Saving it though are good r_speeds, good flow and definately one of the more convincing uses of the base texture set.


Download Here (206Kb)
Reviewed : 24/02/1999

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