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Unforgiven (2 to 8 Players)
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Ivan claims this map is good for Duels, but it seems a bit big to me. 2v2 or 4 FFA makes for a much better game.

This is a very nice looking map. The textures used and quality of architecture, coupled with good lighting make for a very aesthetically pleasing map. Moving around the map is fun, up and down like a rollercoaster thanks to the good mutli-layering. Of special note is the MegaHealth room, the steps out are very nice indeed. With a few people play is fast and keeps the adrenaline going.

However, it's time to roll out those heafty CPU's for good net play - the r_speeds here are hitting 750-800 for about half the map, with the rest being in the 300's. This makes for jerky play, smooth as hell until you flick round when it s l o w s down. There's also a couple of bits that feel a bit out of place, slightly bland in light of the rest of the map. With a little bit of redesigning this could be a very good map.


Download Here (263Kb)
Reviewed : 24/02/1999

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