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Fear is...? (4 to 8 Players)
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According to Musician this map is based loosely on DM2. He's got the textures right, and there's a couple of lava traps too. However, as far as I can see, these are all that's the same. The main lava trap is one large sliding floor, similar to the one between to two YA's in DM2. However, there's no risk involved by setting the trap off - the button's at the top, the teleporter takes you somewhere else.... It's also unlikely that there will be many people on that floor as well, and even if they are, they'll escape easily.

Also worth noting is the RA... the commitment required to get it & get back out alive is way too much - if anyone else is near you at the time you're fried.

The architecture is very basic, rooms are just blocks with little detail. Strangely though the area around Quad is very detailed, and does look like DM2. It's almost as if Musician put all his effort into that area, then rushed the rest to finish the map.

Size wise it's also quite big. Games are slow, and you can roam around without seeing anyone for quite a while. It's not a hard map to learn though, with each area varying well from the others. But ultimately it's a map that you're unlikely to come back to.


Download Here (183Kb)
Reviewed : 24/02/1999

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