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BF47DM2 "Buffalo River Home" (2 to 10 Players)
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BigFoot_47 returns with his second map in the BF47DM series. His previous map was consisted of Quake 2 textures and it was more of Quake 2 map than a Quake map (You can read the review of his previous map, Faithlift, here). This time round hes gone with Quake textures. Unfortunately one too many. Theres no set theme here and rooms constantly change styles. As you can see from the left screenshot. You have a E1M5 style room with high-tech crates in there? Wierd. Wood would have been better.

Since there are so many changes in texture it also means the architecture is constantly different. I feel that it just doesn't work well. They are, however, some nice bits. The room in the left hand shot is one example. Its absolutely huge! The layout if also a little odd. To get to the upper area of the map you have to walk through loads of different corridors and stairs to get there.

One thing I've become used to in maps is the use of placement pads for weapons. There aren't any here. You have to scout for weapons. Maybe I've been spoilt a little too much...


Download Here (527Kb)
Reviewed : 24/02/1999

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