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Lost Goods (3 to 8 Players)
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The setting is some type of big tech-style warehouse. Theres quite a mixture of textures heres. They do, however, go together well and thats the main thing. Theres the odd misalignment on lifts, floors etc.

The layout seems a little messy. Rooms don't link together to well. Lifts are the main way up to the upper level in the map. I think there is one ramp. Also the crates are bloody huge! It makes me feel like a diddy man!

I played with 3 bots and it was a particularly lonely affair. I ramped the number up to 6 and it was still a tad quiet. So I went up to 8. Same again. A little more exciting but I thing the problem lies with the layout of the map. The bots have a big problem navigating this map. It would probably be alright with real people in but if you're playing with bots its a bit of no-no.


Download Here (441Kb)
Joe Hunter
Reviewed : 24/02/1999

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