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DM4-ish (1-on-1)
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A tribute to DM4 is how Aardappel describes this map. It certainly looks similiar in terms of layout. I'm not a big fan of the original DM4 for two reasons. The texture set and the size. I don't particular like the textures and feel its just too small. So DM4-ish is a complete change in textures and its done on a grander scale.

Some of the architecture seems a little weak. Like the metal bars in the roofs. Also in some parts of map I seem to get bashed about against the walls.

Going back to layout, it isn't exactly the same as DM4 though, there are differences. It seems better connected. Plenty of everything in here. I found it a really enjoyable map both as a 1-on-1 game or as a 4 player FFA.


Download Here (166Kb)
Reviewed : 30/01/1999

#1 Great Map ! One of my favorites !
by Ashley Lauren 19/08/2001 - 14:54:50 (
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Everyone on my server loves this map so much it's been added permanently to the map rotation. A true classic ! Anyone wanting to try this map feel free to come and play on my server.

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