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Jrdm1 - Ignorus Hyperborean (2 to 8 Players)
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Cough, splutter, collapse... Sorry. I was just completely surprised by the fact that this is Juniors first map!!! Just take a look at the screenshots. Looks good doesn't it. I was certainly impressed.

The lighting in this map is one thing I noticed here. As you can see in the left hand screenshot you can see loads of spot lights spraying light down the walls. Its one of many nice little touches. If you look at the 2nd screenshot you'll see a vent type texture on the walls in lower area. This isn't a flat texture. Its been carved out of the wall.

The Quad is placed in such a way that to grab it you'll just have to rocket jump. 6 Players provide a choatic but enjoyable game. The open spaces give way to rocket shot outs with can't be a bad thing =).

Its a very good map, and I can't wait to see what Junior comes up with next.


Download Here (250Kb)
Junior Jr (Helgi Vilberg)
Reviewed : 30/01/1999

#1 Furious Fragging Frenzy !
by Ashley Lauren 25/08/2001 - 15:41:15 (
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Wow ! This is one of my favorite maps !
The play is very smooth and there's always a way out of every room. I can't recall ever getting stuck on a texture. The placement of the teleporters and lifts give you excellent places to run and the places they take you to are usually helpful. Item placement is excellent. Love this map. Great for four players.

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