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Blue Reserve (2 to 4 Players)
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If your favourite colour is blue then you're in for a treat here. There is the odd misalignment. If you look at some of the angles the walls are at you can see why its hard to align them properly. The right hand shot has an example of one of those wierd angles. The checked floor texture goes up onto the wall. Its a nice touch which is done in a few places through out the map. One thing I'm not too keen on it is the grating which is yellow in the gaps. Its used a little too much (See left hand shot).

The layout of the map is a little confusing. Once you get used to it though, its can be good fun. The level is fairly big and could have more players, but the amount of ammo available isn't enough to cope with this.

If you want something slightly different, go for this.


Download Here (243Kb)
Stuart "LabHair" Maxwell
Reviewed : 30/01/1999

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