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Extinction Level Event (4 to 8 Players)
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What we have is a street with a couple of buildings. The main building is constructed out of grey brick with wood doorways. Inside there is a wooden staircase and lift which give you access to a ledge higher up in the building. (See first screenshot). Crates litter the street. The architecture in general is a little lacking in detail.

So how does it play? Bots love it. They happily jump all over the place, bouncing of crates and firing rockets and grenades. Unfortunately I didn't find it such a pleasant experience. The layout seems a little messy. I thought the crates took up too much space. I would have preferred to be able to freely move around the street without knocking into them.

I tried different numbers on the map. 4 is about right, 8 was a little too much. Not just because it was crowded but because theres also not enough ammo to support such numbers.


Download Here (230Kb)
Bjørn-Erik Solli
Reviewed : 24/01/1999

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