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DayDream (1-on-1)
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This is the third and final map in the Land of Nod trilogy. The first map was Insomnia, and the second was Nightmare, both of which were reviewed a few weeks ago. This is easily my favourite of the trilogy. Its looks good and plays well.

Again a complete change in style here. Its decorated in the egyptian set of textures. The architecture goes well with the textures used. Lots of curves are used and it gives it a unique feel. The teleporters are worth a mention. Where ever you see two brown arrows pointing up, then theres a teleporter there.

This is one EVIL. map in the playability stakes. Its so damn fast. The Quad is the essential item here. Control of this will mean a massive frag count. If you're on the end of someone controlling the Quad it can be a frustrating experience. Once you're in control though its good fun.


Download Here (185Kb)
Reviewed : 24/01/1999

#1 The Best 1-on-1 Map !
by Ashley Lauren 27/08/2001 - 21:34:38 (
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From the start this map gets your adrenaline pumping ! It's a perfect duel map, but I've found it can support four for a frenzied frag-party !
There's cute places you can duck into to lose the enemy for a sec... where'd he go ?
Has anyone else noticed that the layout of this map is the Quake symbol ?

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