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Bassai Dai (2 to 6 Players)
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Bassai Dai is japanese for "to storm a castle". There is some castle type architecture in here, but not much.

A original texture set here. Kind of Shadow Warriror, with wooden doors which slide open. The mixture of metal trims and vents with the cream wall textures work well. Theres some over stretched textures, which do spoil things a little.

The extra detail of the various weapons hanging on the walls is a nice touch. To supplement this there are little pieces of Japanese text on the walls, as shown in the right hand screenshot. I'm hoping they say things like "Be well with yourself" and that kind of thing. Actually if anyone does know what they say, tell me!

That aside, its layout is quite big. 4 players are needed here to get a decent game going. No problems with items. Some iffy texturing lets is down.


Download Here (313Kb)
Hot Cakes aka Eddy Dawson
Reviewed : 17/01/1999

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