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Effigy of the Forgotten (2 to 8 Players)
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When I booted this map up I thought it was a "Dead Bodies Everywhere" lookalike. On further inspection though, I was wrong. I think it takes some influence from Headshots map, but the texture set is different. I has a fairly unique look and the architecture looks good. Lighting is ok, maybe a little uniform in some spots. This map has a dark sort of atmosphere, its probably due to the bland colours used here.

Theres loads of items here. I don't think an 8 player game works here, a max of 4 is what I think is best. I actually found this really enjoyable as a 1-on-1 map. At times it was a cat and mouse type of game. You chasing after your opponent, then them chasing after you. Certainly an adrenaline rush.


Download Here (279Kb)
Moloch aka Thomas Rasmussen
Reviewed : 17/01/1999

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