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KJDM12 - Severe Internal Bleeding (2 to 4 Players)
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Killjoy makes a welcome return with an original looking map here. Taking the power set of textures from Quake 2 and some Quake textures, Killjoy gives you a smooth looking piece. Curves are used to good effect here, as can be seen in the screenshots. Its kind of like a skybase. You can see the sky below the pathways.

An element which has not been used very often is that of the gibbable floor. Maps which I can rememebr using this feature of the top of my head are Skywalk and Aerowalk by Preacher. If you're unlucky enough, or inapt (like me!) you can fall off the walkways and down into the sky.

Play is fast. Each room is connected enough to make your escape easy, if need be. Ammo is plentiful. Its also well placed next to weapon pads.

If you play with the Omicron bots you will need copy of this route file (from Skorpions page). Otherwises bots die with alarming regularity!


Download Here (211Kb)
Reviewed : 17/01/1999

#1 Watch the last step... it's a dozy !
by Ashley Lauren 25/08/2001 - 15:59:25 (
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One of the best Sky-Base maps out.
It plays very fast and smooth. I like the ledges that you can use to double-back on someone chasing you. The multi-level layout can be used (if you're careful) to jump and circle around your opponents. Lots of ways to confuse and disorient the enemy. Excellent map.

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