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Phalacrocorax auritus (1-on-1)
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Influenced by Gandhi's and Retinal's recent maps Kinky Afro and Dissonance. Both of these maps have unique elements in which set them apart from the rest. The problem here is that looks wise this map doesn't really stand out. The texture set is used well and it looks good. Theres the odd misalignment, but nothing you'd notice whilst playing.

The map we have here is the second release after Scrawn changed some things due to feedback on the qboard. The changes consist of light sources and more rockets.

What I really like about this map is how it plays, pure and simple. Its just so damn fast. You'll be strafing side to side to dodge rockets flying towards you. Make sure you look up to because you can always expect a surprise attack from above. You can easily dominate this map because the RL's are so near the teleporters, but if you play on Deathmatch 3 you won't have a problem.

Skorpion, of Skorpion's Omibot Page, has made a route file for this map. So pop over to his page to get that.


Download Here (136Kb)
Reviewed : 17/01/1999

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