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Pdm1 (1-on-1)
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Dapak in style with a couple of new textures thrown in for good measure. I like the structures in this level. It seems bulky, a Dapak map done bigger. The area in the first shot is the central 3 layer hub of the map, with everything else going around it. What you can't see in this shot is that there is a actually a gap in the floor which is filled with lava. Quite a bit of action takes place whilst jumping back on forth.

Movement around the map is good. Play flows through out the map. You can quite easily flow someone all the way round the map before the realise you're there, and blast them away for being so stupid!

The map is meant for 1-on-1 and is excellent like this. For more fun try 4, theres plenty of everything to keep things going smoothly.


Download Here (190Kb)
Peter Bisseker
Reviewed : 09/01/1999

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