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BlackPope's Mountain Getaway (2 to 8 Players)
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Its got a bizzarre name but sure as hell doesn't play wierd. I really found it funny playing this with 8 others. Things were constantly moving. Frags really piling up.

The setting is in a mountain side and the level structure fits the setting. Rocks jut in on the ceilings which are kept there by supports which are covered in a texture from the "ikbase" group of textures. As the readme says "the architecture is simple yet effective and lends to smooth game-flow" Well I couldn't have put it better. Effective it certainly is. The corridors are wide so you can easily strafe from side to side to dodge oncoming rockets. Plenty of space for movement.

The reason for it not being a five, is I'd sometimes get a little too low on ammo.

So fire this up and let it rip. Rockets that is.


Download Here (315Kb)
Jesse Lawrence
Reviewed : 07/09/1998

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