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Wilburdm3 - 2die 2day (4-8 Players)
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Mr Ed makes a welcome return to MPQ with a conversion of a Doom 2 map. I already had a copy of this map before I was asked to review it. I downloaded it originally because I was told it was a good map. I didn't actually know it was a conversion, as soon as I booted it up though I thought "This looks just like a Doom map!" It was the use of very vertical edges and the fact its completely flat in layout.

The one thing which really annoyed me was the inclusion of the pentagram of protection. It p****s me of no end not being able to kill some one because they have this power up. Of course this type of power up is available in Doom, but if I remember rightly once it picked up it didn't respawn.

I've not seen the original map so have no idea as to how it looked texture wise. Mr Ed has decorated it in a medieval style and it looks good. The main reason for its conversion to Quake has to be because it plays well. It certainly doesn't disappoint here! As in Doom, 4 players is best.

So if you want to go back to the good old days of frantic Doom deathmatch, this is the map for you!


Download Here (199Kb)
Mr Ed
Reviewed : 04/01/1999

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