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DMFDM1: Crimson Sunset (4-8 Players)
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Not a hint of crimson in sight here. What you have here is the ZtnDm4 wall texture blended in with red brick and metal textures. Also you'll notice the Dapak style teleporters. The architecture is highly detailed, but this could be partly to do with the textures used. The layout centres around a very vertical main artium which consists of 4 layers. Progression up these levels is via stairs and teleporters.

There just about enough ammo. Health and armour are in plentiful supply. The open layout of the main room makes for a very frantic game which means you'll have to be constantly on guard.

One thing I didn't like is the placing of the LG. If you fall down to the bottom floor (which you will!) you'll most likely be killed by it.

Once you do get to grips with the open layout it proves to be a very entertaining map and is an achievement for the author since this is his first map!


Download Here (390Kb)
Daniel Flanagan
Reviewed : 04/01/1999

#1 Fun map !
by Ashley Lauren 26/08/2001 - 15:56:22 (
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I thought it deserved a four and a half, but WTH. You'd think when you first run around the map that you'd need more than four players to make things interesting. The map seems huge ! When you play it you find the layout's arranged so that you're always in a scrape. I love overlapping levels and this one's got a bunch ! Is death coming from above ? below ? Hell ! He's behind me ! LOL ! Lots of fun with this map, I highly recommend it.

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