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IK+2 (6-10 Players)
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Nonny returns with the sequel to IK+. This map appears to be more thought out than the previous map. The layout is based around a central room (see the second screen shot) with various areas set of from here. It gels together well and this is what makes it play well. Although the author suggests 6+ players I found this to be a little too much. 4 provided a much better game. The game wasn't as frantic but was fast enough to provide a good game.

Theres plenty of ammo and weapon placement is very good. One wierd thing I found was that the only red armour in the map was hidden in a secret area.

Theres some texture misalignments and some wierd textures in some areas but these are minor and only noticable if you really look. The architecture seems a little weak in some areas when compared to Peej's strafin map series. (I consider these to be how an Ikbase map should be made).


Download Here (319Kb)
Reviewed : 04/01/1999

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