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Colluctatio Morientis (1on1)
Comments (8) Go to top of page  
Another well used theme makes up Tymoís second Quake map. Progress has been made in all areas from his previous map. This time itís aimed at 1-on-1 and as such itís very compact. The layout consists of a tall 3-floored atrium. Surrounding it are some very tight corridors. The most striking thing to me how well the sharp lines of the architecture show up. The thing that helps here though is moody lighting.

Continuing the layout, there is a small basement area with an L shaped teleporter that goes up against the floor and wall. Funny thing is this is the first of two features that I canít remember where Iíve seen before (anyone who does know, please post). The second is the slightly raised ramp on the topmost floor, which enables you to leap up, grab the RL and let rip with a couple of rockets down below.

There is an abundance of items. The MH is twinned with the RL on the top floor. The YA is near one of the maps two SNG on the 1st floor. Youíll need a similar level of opponent against you to stop it from becoming one sided. It is very easy to keep hold of the YA, MH and RL, and with that you can easily control the level.

Final verdict is that whilst it is polished and plays well, it is, unfortunately, nothing I havenít seen before.


Download Here (192Kb)
Henning Janssen aka Tymo
Author Site
Reviewed : 19/03/2002

#1 Features
by lurker 19/03/2002 - 23:03:47 (
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Both appear in the Reincarnation map pack/modification:

-The L-bend teleports appear in Reinc1: "Haemorrhagie" by Gen.

-The slopy ramp is from Reinc2: "Nubian Chicken Sexer" by Gonzo.

#2 Cheers Lurker
by Paul 20/03/2002 - 04:26:49 ( Refers to post #1
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Really I should have known that :).

#3 Gom Jabbar couldn't be arsed with a title
by Gom Jabbar 20/03/2002 - 07:08:06 (
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/me slaps Paul around a bit with his maps directory

#4 ...
by Starbuck 20/03/2002 - 13:56:41 (
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paul summed it up well i think:
whilst it is polished and plays well, it is, unfortunately, nothing I havenít seen before.
It's a good map, plays nice, looks quite good, but not neccessarily revolutionary. Well done to Tymo :)

#5 slopy ramp
by randyom 21/03/2002 - 01:44:50 ( Refers to post #1
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I think also q1_q3dm17 has this kind of ramp

#6 randyom:
by lurker 21/03/2002 - 14:35:40 ( Refers to post #5
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Probably. I'm not sure I've played that one though :)

In the first post, I listed the title of Reinc2 as "Nubian Chicken Sexer" (as it appears in the text file), but the title in-game is "Return of the Sexer".
Warfare3 (the original "Nubian Chicken Sexer") also had the slopes and was released in October of 1998.

#7 reinc2
by randyom 22/03/2002 - 03:11:52 ( Refers to post #6
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yes this was long time before q1_q3dm17, but the best on this level is the amazing cage you to enter and stay before you get the quad. Yeah reinc2 is a really quad whore massacre *g*

#8 slopy ramp thing
by NotoriousRay 25/03/2002 - 21:06:58 (
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done in vondur's 'zed' way before reinc iirc

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