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Poste Haste (1-on-1)
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This is a vertical mosh pit with a teleport in the middle, at the bottom of a large tower. At the top is the RL, on a ledge around the outside of the map is a megahealth and a green armour, and right down the bottom are plentiful alcoves holding more weapons, ammo and the Quad. Straight id brick is used, and it looks solid.

How does it play? Well, obviously you mix it up (and how) down the bottom, teleport up to get at the RL and/or megahealth, and hope to heaven that nobody nabs the Quad before you do. The central teleport does limit your rampage range but is a quick escape route if things get hairy. Just try to avoid getting bailed up in those alcoves.

Fat Controller

Download Here (95Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 04/11/2001

#1 No worries!
by Nekroe 17/11/2001 - 05:46:01 (
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Way to go Nekroe, you're great!
I wish I was like you....

... wait a minute...

#2 yah
by Starbuck 27/11/2001 - 13:18:12 (
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a nice solid map Nekroe
plays fine too but a little plain IMHO

#3 i suppose...
by Nekroe 15/12/2001 - 04:53:49 ( Refers to post #2
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but remember... it was done in less than half an hour.

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