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8 ways to die (4 to 8)
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It's a pair of figure-of-eights stacked on top of the other, done in straight id metal style and lit by large quantities of r_speed-fattening wall torches. Up top is a centrally placed rocket launcher, bracketed at each end of the 8 by nailguns and shotguns. Down below, two grenade launchers bookend a red armour.

The match tends to go, since there seems to be no armour save the red, to whoever gets the big bangers first. The two levels don't actually connect except at two points, so generally you have only two means of escape - kill the other guy or backtrack - which can get immensely frustrating due to the long corridors, especially on the top floor.

While there may be eight ways to die here, this map could have done with more ways to move around; i.e. more connectivity between the levels, perhaps by enlarging the RL area and making that top level a ring. More armour would have improved things too.

Fat Controller

Download Here (324Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 24/02/2002

#1 stonepony doesn't like titles
by stonepony 05/03/2002 - 00:16:41 (
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