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Ethernaut (2 - 4 Players)
Comments (4) Go to top of page  
Again another not so good looking map from Kell, bland blue walls which receed into death pits and the odd detail here and there. The ceilings look good, with some supports around light fittings, and there is some nice trim around most of the walkways, but I just dont get on with the whole "look" of this map.

Just like Kell's last map this is a rocket fest, although this one plays a little better as you have a chance to use the lightning gun a little, but for such a vertical map, where was the grenade launcher??? That would have been great in here! Anyways, item placement is good all round and creates a very fast and deadly game, it is especially easy to knock opponents into the death pits by slapping them with a rocket launcher blast...

bad looks, better gameplay, needs a grenade launcher.


Download Here (213Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 28/07/2001

#1 I quite like it
by KrimZon 29/07/2001 - 19:23:55 (
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The blue seems to say to me "if you fall off, you'll die." I'm one of those people that dislike dm4, however I do like this map. And I quite like the looks - an original looking contrast between blue walls and the grey walkways, which i think go well together.

#2 I like it too
by ImUnreal 10/08/2001 - 19:24:45 (
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And laos I hate dm4, it's a bit too cramped for my taste. But I really like this one, by same reasons as KrimZon but yes a grenade launcher could be nice.

#3 I dig it too..
by Jay 20/08/2001 - 22:40:29 (
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Geeze, go easy on the poor mapper, Zadderz ;)

#4 ....
by Starbuck 21/08/2001 - 19:51:25 (
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i found the gameplay quite fun, and the texture usage was good and original as krimzon said, although i personally found the architecture a little boxy....

keep it up kell :))

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