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The Dogs of Doom (3-6)
Comments (22) Go to top of page  
A medieval style map from Tronyn that seems to be following down a well-trodden path in terms of theme. The lower area is ankle deep in murky water and the upper floors are in a familiar interior castle style. The execution of said theme more than makes up for its familiarity though, but itís a bit of mix, as is alluded to in the maps readme. Some parts seem plain with large expanses of flat grey stonewall, where as others sections have plenty of detail. One such detail I particularly liked were the raised mounds of dirt and the slightly off camber floors.

But the layout isnít quite so simple. It seems to entangle around itself and would, at first glance, seem more suited to being part of an SP map, but this hardly surprisingly given it actually was. There are quite a few snag spots littered around the map, some of which could have been dealt with by clipping against them (like the extended archways that jut out past the walls) and other spots which were probably more down to my incompetence at navigating them (such as the double staircase near the raised MH).

Play is evenly mixed between the water and upper levels. After extended play I was sick to death of hearing the splashing sound effects, as people kept moving about in the water. Most items down below are placed on raised sections so itís kinda obvious what is going to happen. It also makes it a little harder to work out where people are, since youíd usually associate such noises with people just entering or leaving an area. Whether this was intentional, Iím not sure but it does make it a bit more interesting.

There is only one real exit route out of the watery section, which is a bit of hindrance. The inclusion of a teleporter/lift/stairs elsewhere in the lower area would have helped movement flow a little better. It is possible to rjump out in a couple of places, but it wasnít a method I used often.

I have this nagging problem with it though and that is, it is very fidgety to play. I never really got any flow going and found myself really battling to get anywhere.


Download Here (773Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 21/02/2002

#1 Nice
by MasterMind 22/02/2002 - 02:04:09 (
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Nice level dude. I like the castle feel of the level with the grey brick/metal/wood design. The transition from the arch texture to the bricks is cool too, looks crumbly. I dont know if its just my machine or what, but the r_speeds got up to 1500 on mine. Oh well. To reiterate, nice looking level and keep up the good work.

#2 Not bad...
by xen 22/02/2002 - 03:42:31 (
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One of Tronyn's better maps, imho, although I still think it'd work better as an SP; any chance of releasing the .map? =) Seriously though, it tends to favour looks and atmosphere over connectivity which is what causes me to think this. DMSP2 works well, too, but in DM I just found too much action was based on the ground floor, and it didn't really flow all that easily.

#3 Title?!
by MisYu 22/02/2002 - 12:40:54 (
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Tronyn, as always, is very good. Map is well built, well textured and has strong feel. I enjoy each map done in winter-theme. I haven't played it yet, but probably it would be better level for SP, and Tronyn is better mapper for SP :)

Tronyn, SoE us!

#4 Tronyn is afraid of typing too much
by Tronyn 22/02/2002 - 17:13:14 (
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Thanks for the review Paul, you tell it exactly as it is. I'm pretty sure I could improve this map a lot by adding more clipping and some extra lifts or portals, but I really can't be arsed. I was going to patch Add2 and the Coagula Contest as well, but I'm so lazy these days. I may not even finish NJ. bah.

as for soe :), I just scrounged up a brief update at the site.

#5 NightJourney will be cancelled?
by MisYu 23/02/2002 - 03:07:26 ( Refers to post #4
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Don't even try to think about something similar :)

#6 doom
by johan bernal 23/02/2002 - 15:21:50 ( Refers to post #5
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este juego es muy bueno y lo quiero jugar ya

#7 ?
by misyu 23/02/2002 - 16:34:45 ( Refers to post #6
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Nie rozumiem tego, co do mnie napisales, ale prawdopodobnie jest to albo obelga, albo pochwala.

Happy now? English 0wnz yeh!

#8 Heh
by MaTi 26/02/2002 - 14:55:32 (
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Nawet jak by zrozumial to nie wiedzial by jak ci odpowiadziec :) ale nie wazne! Warna jest predyskiwacja poprzez dematercjalizacje :D

#9 Help!
by Paul 26/02/2002 - 15:22:50 ( Refers to post #8
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I need a translator on my own fecking site.

#10 :) ate the title
by :) 26/02/2002 - 22:16:38 (
Go to top of page  
wazne ne wazne.. nu vas nafig

#11 r_speeds
by Fern 26/02/2002 - 23:30:16 (
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the reason the r_speeds in this map are high is that it's a boxed map and there's a huge box around the map and there's even a big hole where you can jump into the box. :X

#12 Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally
by Tronyn 27/02/2002 - 00:30:41 ( Refers to post #11
Go to top of page  
I didn't notice ;)

seriously though, either this is the wrong version, or, well... I guess it *could* be that, I really forget though, it was quite some time ago. I do doubt I would have done something so amateur as that though, even in... June was it?

unless I just got pissed off and wanted to release it, heh, but I've gotten more pissed off (Coe, Rapture) and released without much lazy arse shortcuts..

anyway, I would like to comprehend whatever other language folks are using here, but, whatever.

#13 Hmmm
by Paul 27/02/2002 - 03:29:34 (
Go to top of page  
I forgot to check the r_speeds. Looks like I made a lazy arse shortcut too :).

Yeah, someone who speaks Polish and English, could they translate the stuff in post #6, #7 and #8. /me points at MisYu

#14 the jump
by Fern 27/02/2002 - 12:56:15 (
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what sucks doubly is that the big black square in the middle of the sky actually looks pretty cool. stuff outside the walls is always neat, even if it's indistinct.

#15 speedy doesn't like titles
by speedy 27/02/2002 - 23:36:14 (
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most of tronyns maps have sky allaround them (just noclip outside add2)

#16 from Drannerz
by faffafaf 28/02/2002 - 08:20:00 (
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[couldn't be arsed to log in]

looks bright and un-quakey. But a nice change.

#17 Most of speedy's maps...
by Tronyn 28/02/2002 - 18:40:03 ( Refers to post #15
Go to top of page  
...don't exist.

actually, ADD2 was a case of trying to track a stupid leak that appeared as the map was *done*, because I had added one little secret. Anyway, that's one map, and no it does not have "sky all around it" like some giant skybox (do you think I'm stupid), it was just some rather tacky leak-fixing at the last minute.

Now, release some maps or shut your trap. Ooooooooor just say something more useful.

#18 spanish -> english translation
by Rick=Shit 01/03/2002 - 23:56:16 ( Refers to post #6
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este juego es muy bueno y lo quiero jugar ya

this level is very good and i like playing it

#19 :)
by MaTi 02/03/2002 - 11:18:29 (
Go to top of page  
Przet≥umacz to:

Nie znasz sie na mapkach, ale kozaczysz :P

DziÍkujÍ :)

#20 Speed ate the title
by Speed 11/03/2002 - 00:30:55 ( Refers to post #17
Go to top of page  
At first, I wasnt insulting you.
At second its just stating plain fact, not blaming you niether putting any map down

Very sad to see you react this way

#21 Jeesus!
by Drannerz 11/03/2002 - 06:13:23 (
Go to top of page  
Stop being so nice to each other and bust some heads!

#22 speedy///
by xeen 17/03/2002 - 17:34:08 (
Go to top of page  
He was telling you to say something more useful, that's all. Your post #15 was a bit shit.

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