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Fear for all (3 - 8 Players)
Comments (2) Go to top of page  
kells second Qexpo offering, this one is adorned in yet another set of entirely new medieaval textures which look great. Huge carvings break up the stonework in the larger areas and detailed trim and roofing sections create eye candy elsewhere, lighting is nice with clearly defined shadows and some nice patterns cast across the map by good use of brushes to break up the light beams.

Unfortunately the map does not live up to its good looks. This is mostly down to the fact that three quarters of it is the same corridor section copied and pasted at different angles. This means that most of the time you have no idea where you are, and have to find an atrium or distinguishing area so that you can get your bearings. The atriums are nicely laid out though, with armour and power ups in high risk areas.

item placement is good, with the rocket launcher and grenade launcher up high for those sweet DFA situations, although super shotguns and ammo seem to just be spread around for good measure, with no real thought going into it, strange since his other Qexpo map "The wasp factory" is an amazing example of good item placement...

All in all, looks nice, plays average but the never ending hallways kill any chance of this map being taken on in large FFA games.


Download Here (422Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 21/07/2001

#1 random comment
by Ferns 24/07/2001 - 13:31:27 (
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DaZ. Learn to spell medieval (1). I have yet to meet a mapper who can spell mediaeval (2). I mean... there are no less than TWO correct ways to spell it, THREE if you use special characters. And still nobody can. It's amazing. Mediæval (3).

#2 Fern
by DaZ 24/07/2001 - 15:20:01 ( Refers to post #1
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Yes I am taking a special class to fix this error in my brain. It is some-what dis-abilitating as I can never remember how to spell this word right!

You got bored of your early retirement then? :)

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