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The Quad INC. (4 - 8 players)
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Definately Dr. Shoe's most polished DM ever. The looks are original and great with a good mix of claustrphobic indoor areas and rocky outdoor areas. The inductrial style has some nice touches such as the slighten sunken in walls with lights around the edges and the various computer panels which flicker and buzz.

gameplay is good for the most part, the main atrium is great fun to fight in as there is a lot of cover and it is very 3d. But certain design flaws hamper gameplay in other areas. for instance, the corridors in the base sections all look the same, so its hard to find out where you are and getting lost is un-avoidable. Also there is an overuse of lifts, yes it makes the map very 3d but there are just too many! And lastly there are a few things which I personally find annoying. Firstly you cannot jump up from the floor on to the ledge with the rocket launcher on it, this would have greatly aided connection. Secondly and lastlu some of the powerups and armour are ontop of boxes which you have to jump to get get to, I didn't like that...

All in all and great looking map with good gameplay, let down by some unfortunate design problems which lower the overall quality of the map...


Download Here (481Kb)
Dr. Shoe
Reviewed : 21/07/2001

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