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Stinger (2 - 4 Players)
Comments (7) Go to top of page  
Stinger is a medium sized Egyptian temple DM map suitable for up to 8 players. The theme looks great and uses a very rare texture set that gives a very original look. The inner temple areas look out onto barrne sandy plains and the maps night time theme increased the atmosphere ten fold.

DM play is fast and furious with 4+ players but 1on1 is also quite fun and can be very tactical. Great fun can be had from launching onto the Quad damage platform and then fragging all the people below with the well placed grenade.

Weapon and item placement is good and encourages players to explore the whole map and ammo is set up well so that you never have to walk far to get ammo for the weapon you just picked up.

All in all another solid release from CardO that shows he is really grasping the DM side of Quake...


Download Here (425Kb)
Author Site
Reviewed : 21/07/2001

#1 Great level
by Apollo 21/07/2001 - 18:46:05 (
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Loved the new(ish) texture set and has interestin play

#2 ToadWarrior doesn't like titles
by ToadWarrior 21/07/2001 - 22:49:33 (
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Definitely worth the download. Being a RL whore, I would have liked more RLs, but it's still a keeper.

#3 This Level 0wnZ meh
by XeNoN 22/07/2001 - 07:23:35 (
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nuff said. Only I found it was a little sparse with 4 players.. 6 players was great though :)

#4 CardO 0wnz
by MisYu 22/07/2001 - 08:10:30 (
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Excellent textures, theme, architecture (rocky windows :>), just CardO beats me with this little bsp.. :)

#5 thanks! :)
by CardO 22/07/2001 - 08:49:29 (
Go to top of page  
Glad you all enjoyed playing it and thanks for all the kind comments :) keep a look out for carddm3 in the hopefully not too distant future :)

#6 Damn, and I had missed this one!
by Jay 23/07/2001 - 09:28:15 (
Go to top of page  
Thanks for pointing it out to me, CardO. You guys can find this one on QMass' FFA server this week :)

#7 bah
by drannerz 01/08/2001 - 15:56:37 (
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..I was supposed to beta test. I suck.

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