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SDDM 3 - Xpander (1on1, 4)
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The map's done in blue id metal, and primarily consists of a hollow box holding a Perforator (and some beds, of all things) above an island and lava moat in the middle of a two-level chamber. A hole in the floor at the end of the upper mezzanine opens into a room with two teleports, which are part of the main route and communicate with the bottom of a spiral staircase, which opens onto the top floor, and the ground floor just in front of the teleporter. This feels a little strange and disjointed.

Most of the gunplay seems to revolve around the LG and nailgunnery on the ground floor. There's a Ring of Shadows at the bottom of the spiral staircase as well. However it doesn't really seem to spark at all...

Fat Controller

Download Here (237Kb)
Spin Doctor
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Reviewed : 09/07/2001

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